Jeremy's Story

Jeremy is a singer/song writer from Wellington, KS. He writes soft pop/rock music that he hopes is fun to listen and sing along to. He released his first self titled and self recorded album "Handmade" in January 2016. Be on the look out for his new music! 

Jeremy has always had a special place in his heart for writing songs and playing music. He can remember writing songs about stars, disco balls, play-dough, and a number of other random topics that come out of a 2nd graders imagination. He is now in his early 20's, and that love for music and song-writing just won't leave him and probably never will. So he thought, what the heck, if he enjoys it maybe someone else will too! If you like what you hear, keep listening and pass it on. If you don't, your'e still in luck! Thankfully the world is not short of musicians and good music!

You can find Jeremy's music on Spotify, Itunes, and anywhere music is digitally distributed. Follow Jeremy on Spotify and join his mailing list to keep up with his music! 

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